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dweo wrote in torchwood5

Hoi guys,

I thought it would be a nice thing to have a post where we share our secrets for maintaining our addictions to Who and Torchwood.

What are your favourite places to get the books, DVDs, action figures. Which stores sell Doctor Who magazine?

My favourite online places are:

Play: cheap CDs, DVDs, books. Shipping included and pricing in euros, so not depending on exchange rates. They don’t ship toys, figurines and electronics to the Netherlands and Belgium.

They are usually reliable, but take along time to deliver their CDs/books because they tend not to use the TNT or any of the other bigger delivery companies. Shipping is not included and can give you an heart attack when you realize how much it is to ship a Tardis USB hub from the States to the Netherlands. (better to use friends overseas). Also customs may throw a spanner in the works if ordering from the States. When ordering anything electronic remember they use different sockets. (Also a lesson learned the hard way). Delivery is generally fast and they do use the larger delivery companies the German Amazon books are shipped free to the Netherlands. Prices comparable to the other Amazon sites.

Bigfinish: the Big Finish website, more expansive than Play etc. but their sales are very good. Just one warning don’t buy the downloads. Depending on the exchange rate the CDs are only €0,5-€1 more and then you have both the CD and a download. (the CDs were at one point even cheaper than the downloads.)

Sendit and also ship to the Netherlands, I have never used them because others have been cheaper but they might be a good alternative if something is sold out.

For shops in the Netherlands,

The American Book center
( Amsterdam and Den Haag) sells Doctor Who and Torchwood books. Plus the Doctor Who magazine. You have to be quick because it will sell out almost immediately and I rarely see them longer than a few days in the stores. The same goes for Waterstone’s in Amsterdam.

The Read Shop may have a location near you. They sometimes have Doctor Who magazine, but they don’t seem to have a steady supply.

So what are the places you get your Doctor who/Torchwood fix.

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I used to shop at, but have found their shipping methods too unreliable, and so have stopped using it. Their shipping takes ages (I hardly ever got anything within two weeks), one PS2 game never arrived, and after the Supernatural seasons 1,2,3 boxset arrived after more than a month (by which time I'd assumed it had gotten lost and had bought it via, I had had enough. It's a pity, because it's actually pretty cheap, considering they don't charge for shipping costs. But if free shipping has to equal crappy delivery, then thanks but no thanks.

I'm a *big* fan of Amazon Germany at As of a couple of months ago, EVERY order above 20 euros is shipped free to the Netherlands (as well as Belgium and a few other countries in the area). Also, every order containing at least one book is shipped free, even if the order is below 20 euros (and also if the order includes items like DVDs, videogames, software etc.; just as long as it's got one book). As the price differences between and are usually negligible, it's a very good place to shop nowadays. Especially considering the fact that shipping only takes one or two days (!!!). 99.9 % sure it's shipped by TNT. And it's fast with English and American books, too. Heck, I received my copies of the latest three Torchwood novels on the official release date, while in the UK people were complaining everywhere that they couldn't find the books. ;-)

Because of, I hardly ever buy books in the Dutch stores anymore. They're always more expensive, and it's just a lot less hassle ordering stuff on-line.

I only buy magazines, action figures etc. when I'm in the UK (because of the conventions, I go there at least once a year).

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